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The Detox Clinic for Genre Addiction was originally born as a bar/club concept by multi-instrumentalist/photographer Cináed and ex psytrance/chill dj Skjeggemannen. Both of us love music of all kinds and varieties and we wanted to preach the love of music to the masses. This was meant to be a place where you could get a good cuppa and listen to some beautiful music at the same time, no matter what genre the music was filed under. Too many people lock themselves to a few narrow genres and miss out on heaps of fantastic musical experiences.

Unfortunately none of us have the money to really do something like this for real (so far), so Cináed released two spotify playlists on his facebook profile in early December 2009 as a second best option, quickly followed by a monster 16hr playlist compiled by Skjeggemannen released on Cináed’s blog on New Years Eve 2009. Then came the idea to release this to the masses, and those without spotify. How about a podcast?

Session four of The Clinic was released as both a spotify list and mp3 on Cináed’s blog as Skjeggemannen returned from Norway to New Zealand for a third year of studies. This session was also a bit on the longer side, clocking in at 4hrs 44minutes and 22 seconds (quite nice on long-haul flights actually).
Finally we progressed with building this website, set up proper rss syndication for a podcast feed, and re-released the former session four as our first on the “real” podcast.

Among all the beautiful music and people that inspired us to do this, two need special mention. They are true sources of inspiration, and created the spark that made us come up with this idea, namely Guttorm Andreasen aka dj99 and his multirythmic music experience “Wasabi” on NRK Radio P2 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp.) from 2003-2006, and Tennessee Loveless and his absolutely fantastic Beautiful Noise Broadcast (2006-2012), and now his new show Gorgeous Sound Underground.

So here we are, broadcasting to the world out of Oslo, Norway.
We hope we will cure you for “musical narrow-mindedness syndrome” and other related illnesses in the process.

Welcome to The Clinic!

/Cináed & Skjeggemannen

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