gdtox022: Skjeggemannen – The Scandinavian Edition

This edition of The Gdtox is a bit delayed due to some major technical glitchery, but I finally got it sorted, edited and mixed down, and here we are. I ended up ca. midway in the process of compiling tracks with almost exclusively Scandinavian artist, so hey, why not do a pure Scandinavian Edition? Might be I am influenced by actually being in Norway over Xmas and New Years, who knows?


01: Wolgang Plagge – Var Xi (Norsk Juleslått)
02: Taken By Trees – Cedar Trees
03: Dansk-Svensk Jazzforsyning – Trubbel
04: Chords – Night Time Come
05: Bjørn Hellfuck – Eg Blir Så Forbanna
06: John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen – Valiumsvalsen
07: Secret Garden – Nocturne
08: Saybia – Come On Closer
09: Dungen – Panda
10: Enslaved – Queen of Night
11: Karpe Diem – Stjerner (RMX)
12: Ost & Kjex – Have U Seen The Moon in Dallas?
13: Rebecca & Fiona – Luminary Ones
14: Dada Life – Unleash The F**king Dada (Original Version)
15: Gork – A Visit From a Gobble
16: Lars Vaular – Gi meg noe bass (Skatebård Remix)
17: Teebee – Luca (Teebee Remix)
18: Jaa9 & OnklP – Glir Forbi
19: Norsk Utflukt – 404 M.O.H.
20: Ost & Kjex – Bluecheeseblues Part 1
21: Kasper Bjørke – Doesn’t Matter (Trentemøller Remix)
22: Kent – Svarta Linjer
23: Mew – She Spider
24: Vaagsbygd Handy – Lift It Up (Son of Light Remix – Prod. Tommy Tee)
25: Johannes Smith – Persuader
26: Dimmu Borgir – Gateways (Orchestral Version)
27: D’Sound – Almost Was Never (Part 1)
28: D’Sound – Almost Was Never (Part 2)
29: Herborg Kråkevik – Om Kvelden

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