gdtox014: Skjeggemannen

This week I am sharing with you just a bunch of tracks that I like really. There’s no apparent theme behind it like we have had the previous few weeks, just nice music. Themes, however, will return further ahead. I am working on compiling music for several of our previous themes for future releases. If you have music you love and think others should know of also, send us an email. You make your own music you say? Please contact us then as well, would love to hear your work and feature it :)
If you like what we do here, please let your friends know of us too, so more people can discover and enjoy as well as expand their musical horizon.

While I’m at it I wish my brother happy travels on his journey around the globe. He is probably somewhere around Istanbul, Turkey at the moment this release hits teh intertubes. Follow his musings and snaps from the trip over at (in Norwegian).


01: Orbital – Halcyon & On & On
02: Imogen Heap – Aeroplane
03: Miike Snow – Animal
04: Zacke ft. Movits! – Spela Mig På Radion
05: Praveen & Benoit – Embers (Machinedrum version)
06: Mux Mool – Death 9000 (Prof & P.O.S. Broadcasting version)
07: Burial – Shell of Light
08: Halogen – Length and Brecht (Original)
09: Spooky – Belong
10: Indigo – Omit
11: A Silver Mt. Zion – Blown-Out Joy from Heaven’s Mercied Hole
12: Interpol – Pioneers To The Falls (Orchestral version)
13: Jacques Loussier – Summer, Con No.2 in G (Vivaldi)
14: Farmers Market – The Straight One
15: Kultiration – Tradition
16: Say Hi To Your Mom – Northwestern Girls
17: Canterbury – Set Your Right
18: Locomotives – Mind
19: Asura – Butterfly FX

2 Responses to “gdtox014: Skjeggemannen”
  1. Øystein says:

    orbital & Locomotives – can’t go wrong with that :)

  2. skjeggemannen says:

    totally agree :) sweet start and end on this one… both of them are timeless classics!

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