gdtox012: Skjeggemannen Presents: The Legacy of Jazz

Many people see Jazz as a musical genre that consists of musicians randomly playing their instruments at the same time. This however, is by no means true. Even though those also do exist, there is so much more to explore. My discovery of jazz has mostly been through other music influenced by this style (there’s tons of it out there), but also a great deal by proxy of my uncle PB’s stories about all the great concerts he had experienced at MoldeJazz year after year, for then to play me cd’s of the same artists. After a bit of time I started to explore more myself, and came to fall in love with the music entirely.

This set I put together to celebrate all the fantastic music that is jazz, wraps other styles within jazz, or even have just faint traces of it. The whole feast opens with what is maybe the mother of all jazz tracks ever, “So What” by the venerable Miles Davis. Grab a glass of something suitable folks, sit down and enjoy the journey.


01: Miles Davis – So What
02: Jazztronik – Pathways (Sleepwalker Remix)
03: Jaga Jazzist – Going Down
04: Jan Garbarek – In Praise of Dreams
05: Ketil Bjørnstad – Upland
06: Bluetech – Prayers for Rain (Ott Remix)
07: Gil Tamazyan – Lini’s Revenge
08: Frost – Damian
09: Jacques Loussier – Water Music 3 – Adagio
10: Bo Kaspers Orkester – Hon är så söt när hon sover
11: Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Sweet Devil
12: Ronald and Robert Lippok – Tangerine
13: Quiet Nights Orchestra – Stockholm
14: 4 hero – Star Chasers
15: Nils Petter Molvær – Frozen
16: Space Funghi Project – Lydian Sky (Melovskys Remix)

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