gdtox010: Skjeggemannen’s rather danceable beachfront club mix

Imagine a beautiful beachfront location.
It’s hot outside, and I mean, really hot. Crystalline blue water, caribbean white sand. You feel the soft evening breeze and hear the waves splash. The sun is about to set and some stunning colors flare across the sky. You pick up a cold drink from the bar, or a beer from the chillybin, then suddenly music blasts out from a huge stack of loudspeakers and the mass of people around you start to move around and dance…

…this is what you would listen to:

01: Caribou – Odessa
02: Marina and the Diamonds – I am not a robot (Penguin Prison Remix)
03: Bodega Girls – Ain’t that cold
04: Yeasayer – O.N.E.
05: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Streetlab mix)
06: Crookers – We love animals
07: Hossam Ramzy – Wady Samba Ala El Malfuf
08: Mock & Toof – Day Ken Died
09: Riva Starr – Dance Me (Oliver $ Dub)
10: Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood (Fenech-Soler Remix)
11: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Sun Ain’t Shining No More (33Hz Remix)
12: Shy Child – Disconnected (Ocelot Remix)
13: Sia – You’ve Changed
14: Dragonette –  Pick Up The Phone (Michael Di Francesco (Van She) Mix)
15: House of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)
16: The Knife – Like A Pen
17: Bell Hollow – Copper Crayon (Project Jenny, Project Jan Remix)
18: Editors – An End Has A Start (Boom Bip Remix)

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