gdtox008: Skjeggemannen – Bright Darkness

gdtox008 cover art

The longest night of the year just passed in the Southern Hemisphere, with Winter Solstice 21 June marking the turn towards brighter days and summer warmth. To mark this occasion I’ve put together a list of fairly dark tracks with some hints of brightness sprinkled in-between them. The mix will take you through a dark and moody musical landscape covering ambient, noise, balkan, industrial, post-rock, dubstep, electronica, metal, synth, folk-metal, jazz, drum’n'bass and grime. Brew a cup of hot tea, turn the lights off, light some candles, sit back and enjoy :)

01: Adore – Homeless Children
02: Farmers Market – Rodopsko Ballad
03: Grayson Gilmour – Fire Downstairs
04: Jakob – Pneumonic
05: SubGud – Mentalika
06: Mundane Monstre – Blinding Noise With Fear
07: Khold – Hevnerske
08: Cruel Culture – Future
09: Covenant – Dead Stars
10: Fisherspooner – Emerge
11: Welle:Erdball – Monoton und Minimal
12: Aphex Twin – Plenty Harmonium
13: Say Hi To Your Mom – Spiders
14: Xploding Plastix – More Powah To Yah
15: Armia – Cialo I Duch
16: Synaecide – Close Bracket (feat. Apache Ninja)
17: Hardingrock – Faens marsj
18: Black Sun Empire – Arrakis
19: Permutated – Death Ray Nocturnal

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