gdtox007: Cináed – Interpretations

For this episode of the Detox Clinic for Genre Addiction I’ve chosen a couple of covers that I like. No particular reason, just for fun :)

1: Biosphere&Deathprod – Katedra Botaniki
2: Bear McCreary – All Along the Watchtower
3: Ananda Shankar – Light My Fire
4: Easy Star All-Stars feat. Matisyahu – Within You Without You
5: Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson – Around the World
6: CALLmeKAT – Toxic
7: Walter (Wendy) Carlos – March from a Clockwork’s Orange
8: London Philharmonic Orchestra – Kashmir
9: Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Army Choir – Happy Together
10: Atomic – Pyramid Song
11: Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Jolene
12: Pomplamoose – Favorite Things
13: Easy Star All-Stars feat. Gary “Nesta” Pine and Dollarman – Money
14: Robbie Williams – Bongo Bong and Je Ne T’Aime Plus
15: Muse – Feeling Good
16: Tätärä – 19th Nervous Breakdown
17: Dreams of Freedom – Them Belly Full

In memory of Arne Nordheim, one of Norway’s greatest contemporary composers who passed away recently, I’ve included his wonderful piece for solo violin; Partita für Paul, played by Peter Herresthal. This piece has been one of my absolute favorite pieces of music for a very long time. In addition, the opening track of this episode is taken from Biosphere & Deathprod – Nordheim Transformed, an album where two of our greates ambient/noise artists sample and remake Nordheims electronic music from the 70′s.
Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy Partita für Paul while sending some warm thoughts to Nordheims family and friends.

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